Sober Moon

by Ali Murray

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''Ali Murray defies folk-rock logic, while maintaining a characteristic solitude that is both brilliant and dark. The short songs, sweeping guitar hooks, emotive vocals, precise percussion and poetic lyrical radiance make 'Sober Moon' shimmer with creative energies...'' - Matthew Forss, Inside World Music


released January 4, 2012

All music and lyrics were written by Ali Murray.
All music performed by Ali Murray with additional help from Keith Morrison.

This album was recorded and engineered in 2011 by Keith Morrison at Wee Studio in Stornoway on the Isle Of Lewis except spoken word section of 'Sober Moon' which was recorded by Cory Newman in his home in Bemidji, Minnesota.

Produced by Keith Morrison and Ali Murray.
Mixed by Keith Morrison and Ali Murray.
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering Studio.
Cover photograph by Masakadu Makiyama.

Ali Murray - vocals, guitars, bass, keys
Keith Morrison - keys
Cory Newman - spoken word vocals on ''Sober Moon''
Neil Johnstone - cello on ''Tonight Of All Nights'' and ''Mignonne''
Rhona Johnstone - violin on ''Tonight Of All Nights''

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Catalogue number : AMM003

Copyright 2011 Ali Murray Music. All Rights Reserved.



all rights reserved


Ali Murray Scotland, UK

Ali Murray is a songwriter/musician from the cold Isle of Lewis, Scotland

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Track Name: Tonight Of All Nights
We work our fingers to the bone
We hobble on to the ends of the earth
We traded everything we have
for a little taste of heaven

The sky she weeps
The baby sleeps
The animals out in the field
are all we have left now

No matter how bad the weather
In storm we float just like a feather
You and me forever
We are in this together...
Track Name: August The 14th
I heard your voice follow me home
I fell right through your footsteps in the snow
and I know why I sing this song
while the clouds sail by so slow
and I see just what we have become in this place
So long to every scene and every face we once knew so well

I feel the wind blowing in
I feel it sink its cold teeth right into my skin
The angels hoaxed us into sin
So I cling to the earth
and the end we knew would surely come for us
How can we leave when our work has not been done?
when the story's not over...
Track Name: Summer's End
Into wild waters I wait for you
in hope that somehow you will pull me through
There's a worm still gnawing at my heart
as the days softly pull us apart...
Track Name: Mignonne
From the first time you stepped into my life
I couldn't help but feel that something wasn't right
when I'd wait for you
Endless days and nights so long
I'd hold on, Mignonne...

Sink into your sweet salvation as lover or as friend
You could be the one to guide me to the end
and shedding your skin
My eyes become so dim
I'd suffer on and on, Mignonne...

From this lonely tower, I rest by the windowsill
Not a single voice to be heard and many hours to kill
and calling your name
but it echoes and it's gone
Our time goes on, Mignonne...
Track Name: Chandelier Dream
Driving round in this chandelier dream
There is nowhere else for us to go
The road ahead is dark and uncertain
It's the end of days
There is no place for us here

I twist and writhe with worry
I can't sleep in a capsizing boat anymore
A phone rings on in an empty home
I step down from my ladder
and into your soft world

Our eyes open and shut with the days
we long stopped counting
Each tick of the clock reverberates through me
like a gunshot

I know someday the clock will stop
just when I begin to accept the time
We have hell to go through
somewhere in the road ahead
There is no safety ever...
Track Name: Sober Moon
I'm sorry I was never there
I was not old enough to care
I have nothing left to lose
so I'll dream of you
beneath the sober moon...


In the stillness of a photograph
In a hazy memory
I remember you way back then
silently watching over me

Long ago in a peaceful place
Burning out the hours down to the core
I think of you and smile
and you remain unknowing, forever more

Now time casts a shadow over my body
and the machines of age have taken my mind
I've worn this mask for so long
It's become to hard to remove, I find

The years have been harsh and unforgiving
I've been blanketed in its cold embrace
I'll blow a kiss to the stars above
and leave without a trace

I watch all the events of my life occur
but I comprehend nothing
I feel the world shed its skin and brim with tears
but I learn nothing at all

The moon shines down
on the dark and lonely streets
Tonight our fears have subsided
and our lies remain discreet

It's so quiet now I can almost hear your thoughts
lost in corridors and ocean depths
and there are many cracks in the wall
where I solemnly slept

These days are comatose
and so much has come and gone
My throat constricts and my heart swells
as time carries on...
Track Name: Liliana
Track Name: Final Reunion
In this life is this all
that we're meant to be?
I will be forgotten
a teardrop in the sea...

They sink into inebriation
and begin to swoon
I will be dreaming of you
beneath the sober moon...

If I die tonight, where will I go?
In this life this is the path I chose
Take me down to that lonely sound,