Dead Forests

by Ali Murray

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**** ( Carpé Diem ) ****
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**** ( Carpé Diem ) **** Of ethereal delicacy. *** Spiritualized, shiny, bright, celestial, clear, spherical, above ground. Brilliant album by Ali. great atmosphere, quiet songs but still powerful, beautiful voice, harmonious melodies, love it ... endlessly light as a feather. *** Thanks Ali ***
favorite track also: Dead Forests Favorite track: Purification (An Offering).
Allister Thompson
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Allister Thompson Murray is a prolific folk/ambient artist whose work never fails to impress with its emotional depth.
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released January 11, 2015

This album was written, recorded, produced, engineered and mixed by Ali Murray on the Isle Of Lewis in the north of Scotland using home recording equipment. Mastered by Keith Morrison.

Dead Forests line up :

Ali Murray - vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, keys, percussion
Cory Newman - acoustic guitar
Luke Cowan - electric guitar, piano, bass, synth
Sarah Berry - violin

Artwork is an image still from ''Misère au borinage'' (Henri Storck / Joris Ivens)

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Ali Murray Scotland, UK

Ali Murray is a songwriter/musician from the cold Isle of Lewis, Scotland

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Track Name: Dead Forests
Dead Forests

Take the path to his grave
Whisper the words and his name
and leave the way you came...
Take the reigns from within
Sever the guilt like a limb
and raise it high, like a flag to the wind...
Like a tattoo on the skin...

Block off the passage to light
Summon the strength for the fight
and bring on the vast unending night...
Shadows blacken the tongue
And the old will feed off the young
We will never see the sun...
Our day has surely come...

But I'm here for you, I've always been
He is nowhere, He'll never be
Beneath the storm clouds and the rain
Dead forests will keep us safe,
for now...
Track Name: The Shepherd
The Shepherd

The blessed shade of midnight hue
And out the window she had flew
The trail of feathers led to you
Right through an open door...

The perfect song was never sung
A painting that was never hung
I waited til our twos became one
and both as one we fell...

Now I walk on bloodied feet
Through ruins and deserted streets
Over the hills and to the sea
The clouds are gathering...

If the shepherd leaves behind his herd
And sleeps beneath a blanket of fur
His vision would begin to blur
And this day will be his last day in this world...
Track Name: Morton

I grew in your arms
I lived in your body
I never flew the nest...

A shelter from rain
With memories like mountains
You'll haunt me to the grave...

I'm leaving soon
but I'll take you with me
wherever I may go...

I'm leaving soon
I'm falling forever
I'll never see you again...
Track Name: Village Bell
Village Bell

The sound of their whispers
Blood after blood
Strapped to a chair
Going nowhere...

I don't want to lose myself
here among the others
Beneath the looming gaze
no longer afraid...

I'll kneel before no one
and no one kneels before me
I won't shrivel at their feet
in sad defeat...

Until the hair goes grey
they won't take me away
No coin in the well
just the village bell to be heard...
Track Name: Purification (An Offering)
Track Name: Christopher

In his hands he held a lifetime ago
He walks away from everything that he knows
Takes the muddy trail and never looks back
at every teardrop in his track...

In his eyes the light is still shining bright
over the years he's kept the burning flame alive
He buries both his hands into the soil
and whispers a name...
Track Name: Death Comes Howling
Death Comes Howling

This life's a web
We walk right in
We've been ravaged by the wind
Into this body falls the snow
Some will linger
and some will go...

When death comes howling at my door
When he comes riding from the shore
Will I walk the line round every curve?
or will I ride the flame and transcend this world?