An Endless Lullaby

by Ali Murray

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Ali Murray is a solo musician hailing from the cold and rainy Isle of Lewis in northern Scotland. Equal parts grandiose and humble, effervescent and melancholy, spatial and solitary, Ali’s dark blend of acoustic folk, atmospheric post-rock, and dream pop is as beautifully depressing as it is introspectively invigorating. His lyrics, which speak of longing, loss, and various degrees of emotional turmoil we can all relate to in some way, speak volumes themselves but are also wonderfully complimented by moving melodies and expansive keys; Ali proves himself to be a creator of an incredibly vast array of sound for a single person. An artistic channeler of all spectral ranges of human emotion, Ali Murray will appeal to any and all folks looking for that faint, but visible light at the end of the tunnel

This album is dedicated to the memory of my mother.


released August 18, 2010

All music and lyrics written by Ali Murray.
All music performed by Ali Murray with additional help from Keith Morrison.
Recorded by Keith Morrison at Wee Studio in Stornoway.
Produced by Keith Morrison and Ali Murray.
Mixed and Engineered by Keith Morrison.
Artwork/Design by Alan D Murray /
Mastered by Denis Blackham at Skye Mastering Studios.

Additional contributing musicians:

Keith Morrison - Additional keys
Alan Murray - Guest vocals on ''The Epiphany''
Julia Matheson - Guest vocals on ''Behind Me Now'' and ''Ephemeral''
Neil Johnstone - Cello on ''The Epiphany'' and ''Years''
Rhona Johnstone - Violin on ''The Epiphany'' and ''Years''

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Ali Murray Scotland, UK

Ali Murray is a songwriter/musician from the cold Isle of Lewis, Scotland

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Track Name: The Epiphany
An open window
the cold wind breathes in through
I was dreaming
when the world had taken you away

Hold on...Hold on...
Hold on...Hold on...

The loneliest night
spent stranded on the shore
the ocean roared
I watched you sigh and disappear
into the pouring rain

Sail on...Sail on...
Be gone...Be gone...

I bid farewell to time
For time was never mine

So I awoke from my slumber
Tore my old dead skin asunder
and aimlessly I wander out into
these empty streets without you...
Track Name: Behind Me Now
Her reflection in the water
shows the truth I never taught her
I sent a lamb into the slaughter
but it escaped into the woods

And now that we've grown older
and our hearts have grown much colder
Distance makes us so much bolder
when we collide

The siren call, the rise and fall
With trembling hearts we're running free
but the place I've been, I'm torn between
the devil and the deep blue sea

The sky a swollen bruise
The rest is deja vu...

Living in the land of Nod,
Her eyes are black and glowing
like the fingernails of God

''We were better off that way...''
Only you
''We were needles in the hay...''
Falling through
''Now I feel your coldest night...''
Like heavy chains
''Howling from a distant height...''
So please take the reins

I've been stuck in false belief
These words got lost within the voice I'll never speak...
Track Name: Adiina
Adiina walks with her head down
Her eyes fixed on the ground below
Adiina speaks to an empty room
A hollow shell
A place to dwell

I try to show her all I know
but she doesn't believe in anything...

Adiina has no possessions
to set aflame before she goes
Adiina tries hard to run away
but she is stuck
She's run out of luck

I try to show her all I know
but she doesn't believe in anything....

Track Name: Fragile Bones (Feels Like Home)
Here's one to life
I'll turn a blind eye
until the day
a big surprise comes my way

These fragile bones
are wearing thin
This feels like home
so let me in...

Out into the cold I am cast
I have a feeling this is the last
chance I have to hold you before I go
without you below...
without you below...

These fragile bones
are wearing thin
This feels like home
so let me in...

These fragile bones
beneath the skin
You feel like home
so let me in...
Track Name: Gasoline Rainbow
Words that fail to tender
echo from your call
Lies return to sender
Now you're feeling it all

You climb the rooftops soaking
only to be seen
Standing there you're hoping
that the rain will wash you clean

And as the night gets colder
You return to the world
The chip upon your shoulder
makes the colours all swirl

In these fascinated eyes
you chase what can't be caught
Beneath the broken sky
It's a rainbow but it's not

We live our lonely ways
Animals in an unlocked cage
afraid to try to make a run for life

And time and time again
these messages that fail to send
We're mesmerized before we even know
It's a gasoline rainbow...
Track Name: Summer Air
You and me, eventually...
High up above everyone
just like the rising sun
Our roads will cross
We'll mend this loss

A life that's real
is all that I feel
In the still summer air
our souls are left bare
Or so it seems
It's only a dream

It's only a dream...
Track Name: An Endless Lullaby
Though it shines, it feels so cold
Though it grows, it seems so old
Though we parted from eachother
all these memories are gold
Sinking slow with nothing left to hold

So we live and we die to an endless lullaby
So we live and we die to an endless lullaby

Remember when we looked up to the sky
We never thought to ever question why
the clouds came by to swallow the sun up with a sigh
If spirits fly - Goodbye my love, Goodbye...

So we live and we die to an endless lullaby
So we live and we die to an endless lullaby

We all crumble beneath the waves of time
never to rise...
Track Name: Suffer In Monochrome
Look around enough
You'll see them sail off into the sun...

Babies scream, night falls
Machinery needs to be kept running...

A heavy heart slows you down
I've become so used to playing the clown

I'm afraid I've lost my way long ago
Marching the end of the sphere
but no more tears
Tomorrow is nearly here...
Track Name: Old Familiar Thoughts
I remember the days
They're engraved in the back of my mind
where I thought they would stay
But here I am found, walking round
same old shackles at my feet
to which I am bound

I can't believe that I am here right now
Fall of the heart
Back to the start
Old familiar thoughts...

A past waking dream
Movie scene
I can still taste the sweet nostalgic memory
I just need somewhere to lay
Something to stay
To love and to hold
until the end of my days

I can't believe that I am here right now
Drowning slow, all I know
Old familiar thoughts...

I can't believe that I am here right now
Clutching at straws, all because
Old familiar thoughts...
Track Name: Ephemeral
No more running out the door
Safety I ain't felt before
A surreal moment of happiness
Nothing left to second guess

So we'll throw rocks up at the sky
They'll fall back down and we will die
But it'll be worth it in the end
as we ascend...

Into the air
Oblivion cries
Taken somewhere
she never dies
Soar to distant heights
Leave it all below
And disappear from sight
where they'll never ever know...
Track Name: Years
All these years
I still wait
My conscience fears
I'll escape
It's been too long
since I fought back
One more day
and I may crack...

An open wound for all to see
I'm guilty...
I'm guilty...

All these years
You still fall
Because no one hears
a silent call
It's been too long
since you were free
One more day
for you and me...

An open wound for all to see
We're guilty...
We're guilty...